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Use the downloader to download the latest Client 0.0.117, use the link below.

Click here to download

MD5 CODE:aecdd5de2c5d3e5856ad50fb30235191


You can also download the NEW installer in individual pieces, use the links below.

Client patches name and size Client MD5 Code Download Link
data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe(2.5MB) 55368fa395c86608c7d80a20ced4daad Download 4df0816909d07576b46dc56e4ed1ef45 Download 4492207a843742cdb18b6c924c18b14b Download 648372142fc60c61377053e4d8be4613 Download 0738112cd8a35f754331619d4aee0da1 Download 7c3579081810c9c840b3a25ee2b324f0 Download adbac599777275a4419125f36f3824cf Download

All seven files required to be downloaded and save into the same folder, and run "data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe" to start installation.

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