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Use the downloader to download the latest Client 0.0.117, use the link below.

Click here to download

MD5 CODE:aecdd5de2c5d3e5856ad50fb30235191


You can also download the NEW installer in individual pieces, use the links below.

Client patches name and size Client MD5 Code Download Link
data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe(2.49MB) 3036a01b503a5016f3cebf3e4197dc24 Download d7ed0482a3d8693ddaa534c4415879cc Download 5eb603ad3 3333b9be3c602eb2b79d83b Download 735d0fe9a3a77ed5f34d94d49575e7c2 Download 0786891160da512d4921e13dd83e6814 Download e088b6e3c2c73986211c06b9dfeffa8f Download 9ebd50f57d52d0a71816b747622de2f5 Download

All seven files required to be downloaded and save into the same folder, and run "data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe" to start installation.

Click here to download MD5 Code Verification Tool