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Please download the NEW installer in integral here(MD5: a0e7af1e4804f1e4ae1ed46fc43f74f8)

Please download the OLD installer in individual pieces, use the links below.

Client patches name and size Client MD5 Code Download Link
data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe(2.5MB) 6f90f013faec180b82060cbf1a0beea8 Download 60efcb60e2a8c4298afd06f8be6a95eb Download eb0a9d0f5f68fa2e9ce5557dd26cc244 Download 37b374cc3a9ec0b5cc752fe960c8e379 Download ab0132c19a99542bdb32e69956907978 Download 340f3106a38eb74947f2542060a10e1a Download c1b35b2105e4b6a08135bf2a7f3efd2d Download 67c55bf49681353e169c896315f80905 Download 31bc82eb2106c53d5c29bcd6da684024 Download 7fa576520cc88e11bd4aa7b1074454ac Download

All files required to be downloaded and save into the same folder, and run "data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe" to start installation.

Click here to download MD5 Code Verification Tool