Please download the NEW installer in individual pieces, use the links below.

Client patches name and size Client MD5 Code Download Link
data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe(2.55MB) fc686f4be3ff904549b3f29fec478eaf Download 1b9980950ff23d019c180e70179e0894 Download 220ee81bfe45edc5c8b4fe797b34227a Download 0d2519fd8ef0431074f5e91c17b50b4a Download a9aacc5d09a5ba6f03e4933ee3a92756 Download 3d256648fb1592cee1d15262a1725a0a Download

All six files required to be downloaded and save into the same folder, and run "data1_AgeofWushu_Setup.exe" to start installation.

Click here to download MD5 Code Verification Tool

If the client autoupdate failed, please download the file below, uncompress it and replace the old url_config at  AOW root directory\updater\updater_cfg.

Click here to download Newest URL