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Age of Wushu: VIP Benefits
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Author:  Pyre [ Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Age of Wushu: VIP Benefits


While Age of Wushu is completely free to play, players do have the option to pay with in-game gold to upgrade their accounts to VIP status on a monthly basis.

All VIP accounts will receive:

    1. Improved Cultivation Conversion
    VIP members will receive a bonus to the amount of experience converted into cultivation. Instead of the standard 70% conversion rate, VIP members will enjoy a 100% conversion rate of experience to cultivation (One point of experience converts into 1000 points of cultivation).

    2. Offline Stall Usage and Offline Cultivation
    While all players are able to set up a stall in order to sell their wares, VIP members will be able to continue to man their stall even while offline. In addition, VIPs will also be able to continue the cultivation of their skills offline.

    3. Enlarged Warehouse Capacity
    Doubles the amount of space in your warehouse from 18 to 36 slots.

    4. Increased Stall Space
    Increases the amount of slots in your stall from 30 to 60, making it easier to buy and sell goods.

    5. Musicians Gain a Musical Attack Skill
    VIP musicians will gain the ability to release a musical attack by playing part of a song in battle.

    6. Divination
    VIP members will be able to utilize the Divinator life skill to tell other player’s fortunes and grant beneficial buffs.

    7. Access To Unique Cosmetic Outfits
    There are many ways to customize the identity of your character in Age of Wushu including unique outfits and costumes. Some of these cosmetic items available at the cash shop can only be purchased by VIPs.

    8. Rewards For Random Encounters
    VIP members will enjoy a higher chance of obtaining rare items from the rewards given by Random Encounters.

    9. Shorter Queue Times
    VIP members will enter the game through the Green Channel, reducing the amount of time in queue when servers are full.

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