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[Tutorial] Common Billing/Top-Up Issues & Resolutions
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Author:  Pyre [ Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  [Tutorial] Common Billing/Top-Up Issues & Resolutions


We are still seeing a large number of contacts regarding billing and Top-Up issues. This post will cover all of the common issues players run into while attempting to make purchases as well as the necessary steps to resolve or avoid them.

Using Incorrect Login When Topping-Up
    This is by far our most common issue and was previously addressed in this Top-Up Instructions post, but we want to reiterate and make absolutely clear:

    Do not create a new account when Topping-Up or logging into the Member Services Site! Be sure you are logging into the same account that you use to log into Age of Wushu whenever logging into this site.

Delay Receiving Gold In Game
    This issue is covered in our Gold Not Received post. The most common error we are seeing is players not allowing time for the gold to arrive, and not bringing up the cash shop to force the system to update.

    If you are logged into Age of Wushu when you Top-Up, you will need to completely exit the game, wait for at least 5 minutes before logging back in, and view the item shop (default hotkey 'Y') before your gold will appear.

Payment Denied/Declined
    When Topping-Up or making any purchases from our sites there are multiple layers that players pass through before their payment is accepted and purchase is complete. The first layer is made up of the various payment options (such as PayPal, Visa, Moneybookers, etc.) available. Xsolla acts as the go-between for Snail Games and these various payment options and makes up the second layer.

    If your payment is declined or denied, you must contact Xsolla or the payment option you used for more information! Snail Games is not able to investigate these issues, as the payment information given to these companies is kept strictly confidential.

Following these instructions will prevent any issues when making purchases or Topping-Up and will ensure the smoothest transaction process possible.

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