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[Server Merge] Golden Dynasty & White Tiger 2
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Author:  Admin002 [ Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:42 am ]
Post subject:  [Server Merge] Golden Dynasty & White Tiger 2

Greetings Everyone!

On March 28th, 2018 the servers of Golden Dynasty and White Tiger 2 will be merging. The server will be down for extended maintenance for about 6-8 hours, maybe merging will be delayed .The merger will be completed as soon as the server comes up.

Guild War and World Shop function will be unavailable, and reactive after merger. Please be noted.

Server Merge Q&A

Question: How will the server merger work?
Answer: The character profile data from White Tiger 2 will be moved onto Golden Dynasty.

Question: What will happen to my character?
Answer: Your character will be transferred to the Golden Dynasty server. All character data will be saved and character progression will not be reset.

Question: What if someone has my name from the other server?
Answer: Characters will keep names but a server distinction of (W.T.2) will be added to the name. We will send Name Changing Documents to all players with the distinction on their names to assist with this change. This distribution will happen within 7 working days from the date of the Server Merger.

Question: Will there be two sets of Mount Hua winners on the Golden Dynasty server?
Answer: Yes, for the month following the merger, there will be two sets of winning competitors on the Golden Dynasty server.

Question: What will happen to the Jianghu Rankings in game?
Answer: The Jianghu Rankings will be reset and recalculated once the merger is complete.

Question: What will happen to my school titles I've received from the weekly school tournament?
Answer: As this will be a fresh reset server, all school positions will be reset. Players can apply with School NPCs for positions in the school structure on day 1. The weekly school tournament will be conducted as normal on the first Sunday following the merger (April 1st, 2018).

Question: What will happen to my world stall I've paid for this week?
Answer: The World Stall function will be disabled on Golden Dynasty and White Tiger 2 on March 23th in preparation for the server merge.

Question: What about my guild? What about my guild's territory?
Answer: All guild information will be saved. All guild territories will be up for contention. Players in guild can do Guild Territory Preceding Quest after merging to get the first occupation on territory.

Question: Will NPC relationships be reset?
Answer: Yes, NPC relationships will be reset.

Question: What will happen if there are duplicate Guild Names?
Answer: Guild Names will have a server of origin distinction much like the solution for Character Names.

Question: What happens to the items in my mail box?
Answer: The items in your mail box should be transferred, however please take care to retrieve your most important items from your mail box.

Question: What happens to my house?
Answer: The house will be kept after merge. Do not worry.

Question: What if I have characters on both servers? Which one will be saved?

Answer: We will keep the stronger one. But if you want to keep both, please send email to after merge to get help.

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