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[Tales from the Jianghu] April 4th, 2014 - Blue Dragon
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Author:  Earthquake [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:23 am ]
Post subject:  [Tales from the Jianghu] April 4th, 2014 - Blue Dragon


The Tales from the Jianghu are user submitted summaries of ongoing affairs in the Jianghu. Whether it be a tale of glory or a sad song of love lost, we hope to bring to the community an insight into every day life in Ming Dynasty China. All submissions are anonymous and the contents of the submissions are unverified.

Here is our first story from the Jianghu, a Game of Inner Treasures.

Long ago the two alliances lived in constant fighting. But everything changed when Shinobi disbanded…

I’m kidding, nothing changed. Clearly one side of the alliance was noticeably weakened but the constant fighting didn’t change, it probably never will.

Shinobi has imploded and its members became scattered across Jianghu. Former Shinobi members became guildless and then rejoined many different guilds. Chaos and Resurrection were formed by ex-Shinobi leaders. Some members joined NoTrabbu (Shinobi’s allied guild), some joined Chaos or Resurrection, and still others spread out across all of the guilds in Blue Dragon.

The weakening of the alliance (I’m going to refer to the alliance as the “Red Alliance”) affects their performance at the World Boss Raid. The opposing alliance (I’m going to refer to it as the “Blue Alliance”) was able to take control over the World Boss loot for over a week, consistently overpowering the Red alliance. The Blue Alliance picks up momentum, rising in size and strength.

With the weakened Red Alliance, the Blue Alliance found the opportunity to train the Star Vortex and Eunuch super inners. However despite their weakened state, the Red Alliance would refuse to allow the other alliance to have that chance.

While the Red Alliance could not pull together a large raid group, they formed small groups of strong individuals to attempt to assassin the Blue Alliance’s treasure holder. Taking teams of 8-12 players, the Red Alliance snuck into the back of the Nbloc guild’s base. They jumped out, killing the treasure holder that was attempting to unlock the super inner. Although they could not reclaim the treasure, the Red Alliance’s small team was enough to reset Nbloc’s progress day after day, forcing them to be unable to unlock the inner for weeks and still to this day.

Of course, guild wars become important as several bases are now easier battles to win. As some background information: there is a guild called HuatAh in the Blue Alliance who used to be lords over both territories in Shaolin. The Red Alliance dealt damage to both their Shaolin bases and as a result both bases were forcibly passed to larger guilds in the Blue Alliance. Homeless, the HuatAh guild attempts to take advantage of the weakened alliance and attack whatever territories in the Red Alliance seemed vulnerable enough to take over. HuatAh begin a spree of declaring wars on guild bases owned by the Red Alliance, especially on the now empty Shinobi guild bases. HuatAh were able to win guild war victories, dealing damage and lowering occupancy levels of several guild bases. However, Huatah were unable to damage any base enough to claim it as their own.

A change of pace occurs when HuatAh’s guild declaration against NoTrabbu’s Tangmen guild turns sour. HuatAh’s forces were unable to move downstairs and were completely crushed. A boost in moral gives the Red Alliance the momentum 77to form bigger and stronger raids.

The Red Alliance began to bring higher numbers to the World Boss. The Blue Alliance is no longer winning every world boss, and the Red Alliance has made noticeable progress at taking the loot. The Red Alliance also began to bring larger raid groups to stop the Blue Alliance’s attempts at training the Star Vortex and Eunuch inners.

Battle at Nbloc’s guild base in Beggar’s Sect
Nbloc passed one of their Eunuch treasures to one of its members, who was attempting to unlock the super inner. In response, the Red Alliance forms a large raid group to attack the Blue Alliance raid protecting the treasure holder. The treasure holder dies during the battle, dropping the treasure on the ground. A member of the Red Alliance manages to pick it up and run out of the base to safety. Thus, the Blue Alliance lost one of its Eunuch treasures to the Red Alliance.

Battle at Luoyang
Sudden movement of a Star Vortex inner treasure to Luoyang causes the Red Alliance to group and investigate the situation. They find a group of guilds from the Blue Alliance standing guard and promptly remove them and wait for the player holding the Star Vortex to log back in. In response, the Blue Alliance gathers members from its guilds. Charging in with a large, organized raid party with arrays and music, they collide with the Red Alliance’s raid. During the chaos, the player who is holding the Star Vortex treasure logs in and attempts to get away. The Red Alliance quickly focuses him down, forcing the Star Vortex treasure onto the ground. The treasure is picked up by a member of the Blue Alliance who attempts to run away and find a safe zone. However, he is tailed by members of the Red Alliance who kill him and cause the treasure to drop once again. This time a member of the Red Alliance picks up the treasure and manages to reach a safe zone, claiming the Star Vortex treasure for the Red Alliance. Thus, the Blue Alliance loses its 2nd treasure of the week.

The Blue Alliance’s moral towards super inners is severely damaged, as they have made no progress and their attempts have been fruitless for weeks.

This ends the Blue Dragon current events report. Everyday the power struggle in the Blue Dragon continues...

-Anonymous Blue Dragon Adventurer

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