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Food and Potions for everyday use (WiP)
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Author:  IXTHUA [ Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Food and Potions for everyday use (WiP)

Many people think that life jobs are useles, but this is not true and people are not playing their characters to their fullest potential due to ignoring buffs alchemy.
Crafting these potions and foods requires jobs lv7 or higher. You can take the 2nd manufacturing job after 1st one has reached lv9 (188k experience), it will cost 200L.
Collected amount of ingredients increases with job level, additionally you can buy a 30 days manual (100L) to double the amount collected.

Herbalist potions.
1. Life recovering potions: . They last for 2 minutes, have cast time and do not interfere with other herbalist or chef other buffs.
2. Buffs potions: . They may or may not have cast time and last for 1 hour. They can have 1 or 2 effects. Attribute boost effect will replace other attribute boost effect from herbalist (but not from chef), percentage boost effect will replace other percentage boost effect from herbalist (but not from chef). It is possible to combine herbalist buffs, for example one potion will provide 34 dexterity + 5% evasion chance, then the other potion (used after) will provide 34 brawn or breath (replacing dexterity buff), result will be 5% evasion chance + 34 brawn or breath. It is possible to combine other attributes and percentages this way, but maximum 2 herbalist buffs can be active at a time.

Food buffs: .
1. First food buff is always active - it is your hunger level. If hunger is 0 - you will be loosing life until 75% of max life, hunger above 0 will stop this effect. If hunger is above 100 - you will start regenerating life and energy at a fast rate, but only high quality food (like on the image above) can increase hunger past 100 points. Hunger level reduces over time.
2. Second food buff is the additional effect of a specific food. On the image above not all existing effects have been listed, but only the most interesting ones as example. This effect will last for 1 hour. Food attribute buff will add to existing attribute buffs from herbalist. Food percentage buff seems to replace a smaller value percentage buff from herbalist (if it is present), but we tested it only with evasion chance % buffs, so it is unsure if crit or accuracy chance % buffs will be replaced or added together.

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