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Wanna rush hiden sect ? rush inner 6 or get EZ set 5 ?
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Author:  Wulinji [ Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Wanna rush hiden sect ? rush inner 6 or get EZ set 5 ?

Here is a compendium of things that will boost your farm for 5th set (that are increadible set unfortunatelly only got 1 friends, a beggard who maxed his 5th set).

first is the dayli culti quest u can get in Chengdu (somone told me about a few days ago)

Se is the weekly 8 school chalenge u can do in Linxiao. To do it within the time u must be quite good.

But max reward will give u per school (each of the 8 can be done Once a week):

6 set 5 items
3 inner 6 item 1
3 200% culti pills or 250% exp conversion pills
20 school cert (160 more per week if u max inner 6 is a lot)
AND IF UR IN hiden sect those 20 school cert will be 20 token from the sect wich mean by example for 5i u will win more than any weekly events doing Linxiao.

in vid u can find the pathway

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