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Ideas for futur events
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Author:  Wulinji [ Thu May 17, 2018 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Ideas for futur events

Hey there,

I noticed that factions are included in the lasts events it is really great to consider them and the players who choose that way rather than rush for hiden sects.

Meanwhile, with the bonefire event is the following issue. You still do not consider the fact that you got still a few players from europe and russia who never can attend those events. Beside the fact that World Bosses are at some hours we cannot be online and due to the fact that NONE of us choose to be transfered on a US timezone server wich basicly ***** most of player progress, you still can adapt events i think to allow everyplayer to get benefits out of it.

And if you argue that on the EU server it was the same for US players .... u have to consider they did choose this situation, we EU just have to do with it. So please consider either differents events not reliying on time (Double Weapon Manual, online sign in ....) rather than those Bonefire or WB invation at US time it would be nice and bring a bit balance on the server if you still want to keep the last EU players who cannot keep it up using p2w method.

And if u think about not letting the choice to "force" people t p2w to progress well .... i doubt any p2w or whales will stay here to play with noone xD.

I mean mean most of the time i meet somone from BD in crosed server contest he ask me how it is on Golden Dinasty blablabla ...
cause on his server it is so dead all non p2w quitted .... it would be nice to concider players from EU a bit more. If you managed well those players at merge most of them would be still playing and prolly will bring you a lot of money. all those people buying selling account will not keep your game alive cause even if it bring fresh it kill community (wich is, despite ur in game messages, obviously tolerated or 30% of the server would have been perma ban as on EU).

It's simple the state of this forum show that their is no more community here ..... like noone give a fck anymore.

best ^^

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