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Goons And Viet United. A Love Story.
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Author:  HaterGoonTang [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Goons And Viet United. A Love Story.

I honestly couldn’t tell where my blood stopped and Grithok’s blood started. We exhausted ragtag few lay collapsed on the floor of our cavernous throne room. Although we were deep underground, we could still hear the clamoring of the Viet hordes above..shrieking in their singsong language as they butchered the wounded. I still wake at night beside bangmaid..and hear those terrible voices raised in what seemed to be a celebration of impending victory. Have you ever stood shoulder to shoulder with a man and given each other a nod goodbye as strength failed you? I caught a glimmer in Grithok’s good remaining eye and we made our farewells. The footfalls were beginning to sound as the filthy barbaric hordes pushed ever closer to our last bastion of hope.

“You bastards want to live forever?”. Krakatoah grimaced as he struggled to his feet. We clasped forearms. “Die well my brother”. RZA laughed at me. “See you in the next life you bastard”. Across the room we stood… the doorway and prepared for our murdermake. Sadkitten limped over and propped herself upright by the doorframe. “We had a good run”. All I remember is the fanatical gleam in her eyes and the silky softness of her smile. Ahhhh even in his last moments, a warrior can take solace in the attention of a beautiful woman. Alas, I knew now I’d never be able to tell her how I felt. No house in the country with kittens running around. No long evenings of passionate love as we screamed together. No. Our destiny was to lie here forever in the dust as the little hordes carted away everything we’d fought so long to preserve. Damn them all. We’d take a great many with us to hell.

GruTche called from the doorway as the savage cries grew louder. “They have a butter troll. Sanguine Moon is here!”. With the footfalls growing heavier and heavier, I truly finally understood the insanity of our plan. Who were we to challenge the greatest three armies ever known? We were merely a loose conglomeration of mutts…mercenaries who hailed from every walk of life. We’d die as fools..forgotten. Another forgotten enemy in the long and glorious tales of armies who had never known defeat. After all, tis victors who write the history books. I readied my blades and with a roar of defiance…we met our fate.

I shall always wonder what the enemy thought when they saw us emerge. Raving blood soaked berserkers from a bygone age…wounded in a hundred places yet staggering onwards with the resolute strength of madmen. Roaring defiance in the face of history and certain death, we charged. Gods…so many of them. So many brothers lost to a nonstop tide of evil. I watched men I’d fought with for decades cut down to my left and right. Endlessly they came..wave after wave. In the end, we were surrounded. Oh how they laughed. How they pointed at our cheap weapons and ragged clothes. Their armor was infinitely better than ours. Their weapons gleamed with the patina of instruments lovingly and expensively cared for. Every single man of theirs was a veteran. Superbly armed. Worshipped as a god in their internet cafes.

What the Viets never understood was that we would never break, never bend, never surrender. Not for anyone. It was in their superiority that they made the mistake. You see, they had grown fat and complacent upon their bamboo throne. They made us suffer under the finely wrought silver of their boot heels…crushed us to die young under their fine weapons. They’d treated us like the peasants they assumed we were. Like feudal lords, they reveled upon fine horses drinking expensive wine while we toiled. It was with that attitude that their leader came upon us barricaded in that hallway deep underground.

“You have fought well this day, fellows. Why suffer on? There will be no glory in your sacrifice. Lay down your arms and accept the inevitable. Grithok, your men die on all sides yet you order them onward. Stop this madness and simply state that we are your better. A reasonable man MUST know when to admit defeat.”

When Grithok raised his craggy head, it was not haloed in pain and anger as we all expected. He laughed. He laughed long and hard..howling at fate. Spitting out a tooth, he smiled. “Who ever told you that we are reasonable men?”.

Grithok charged.

Epilogue- Grithok’s speech
“A thousand men may beset us upon all sides, Goons. They may have the best armor and weapons. They may have ranks and skills vastly superior to ours. the end..they fight for themselves. Today we fended off a foe who should have defeated us easily. How do we yet stand? I’ll tell you. A Goon fights not for personal glory but to strike out at a world where play nice policies protect the weak. It is our belief…our bond..our drive to piss off every single other player in every single game we ever play. We will never yield. We will never bend. We will never break. Glory is our birthright. Forums rage our weapon. Tears and lamentations our armor. Our shield is a sneer. “

Author:  OpaPaNaX [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Goons And Viet United. A Love Story.

tl; could care less

Author:  ApesInBapes [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Goons And Viet United. A Love Story.

A story all about how Viet's status got flipped, turned upside-down. I stopped reading halfway through though. Gotta get down to business and train.

Author:  ANIMEuGUU [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Goons And Viet United. A Love Story.

A lot of people have been saying the viets were the big losers on the Chinese server and they came here to own face armed with the knowledge of game mechanics and without the competition

Author:  VagrantSwallows [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Goons And Viet United. A Love Story.

Wow. I do love an underdog! :)

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