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Super Resurrection Event
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Author:  Admin002 [ Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Super Resurrection Event

Time flies and we have entered the Easter season again. Thank you for all the adventures we had together, and the legends you created throughout the years. In celebration of this special season, Age of Wushu NA is bringing to you a Super Resurrection Event!

Whether you are a young trainee in Jianghu or a renowned master that has retreated to the hidden life in nature, you no longer have to worry about the strength gap that slowly creeped in as time passed. We are giving you the chance to take a leap in your strength, and lead you back into the passionate life of wushu. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab all your comrades and rewrite the legends in Jianghu!

Event Time: April 18 after maintenance - May 7 23:00

Requirement: Players must be a Jianghu VIP AND Young Hero Master

Event Details: Every player that has capped 2nd inner can go to Impart Knowledge NPC to receive Power Up.Upon Powering up, 1st to 5th inner of that school will be capped, and 6th inner will be powered to level 30.
First 3 school skill sets will be powered to level 9, and 4th set will be powered to level 3.

Important Note: Betray buff WILL NOT interfere with the ability to Power Up during the event. However, each player may only utilize this Power Up event once.

If you ever joined the event which powered up your 5th inner level 36 to 6th inner level 30. You can't join this event .Please be aware of that.

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