• Cultural Story Time - Origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival by snailgame 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Gather around for Episode 4 of our Cultural Story Time. This time, we will tell a tale or two about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon Cakes, Rabbits, and a tale of tragic love. Join us inside!

  • Mid-Autumn Celebration Events by snailgame 3 weeks ago

    The Mid-Autumn festival is almost upon us, in celebration of this holiday, we have released a brand new in-game event set. Come in and find out about the new events!

  • Eight Trigrams Staff by snailgame 3 weeks ago

    This staff was created by Yang Wulang, one of Yang Brothers of the Song Dynasty. He created this skill based on a secret Yang Family skill, which involves stunning and incapacitating opponents, rather than killing them.

  • Gold top up bonus 8.20-8.24 by snailgame 4 weeks ago

    During the event period, single top-up for gold will come with 10% bonus. Any accounts which accumulate 1000 gold in transactions during the event period will receive a special reward.

  • Demon Wing Yarn by snailgame 4 weeks ago

    Purple Scarf, Soul-Chasing Ribbon, Dance of Death

  • Perks of the Silver Trade 3.0 by snailgame on 08/14/2014

    The fan favorite Perks of the Silver Trade event returns as version 3.0! Not only will you receive a 20% bonus on all Silver Tael purchases, but our reward tiers have also been adjusted! Find out more inside!