• Gold top up bonus by snailgame on 10/10/2014

    A new top up event has been released! Receive a Silver rebate on every purchase, as well as mysterious item bags! Find out more inside!

  • Cultural Story Time - Winds of Destiny - Two Peerless Brothers by snailgame on 10/09/2014

    What does Winds of Destiny mean to you? Find out what it means to Age of Wushu in this installment of Cultural Story Time. We will reveal in this episode, the story behind Winds of Destiny!

  • Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny release date announced by 9ymarket on 10/08/2014

    A cool refreshing breeze turns into a forceful gale as the martial arts masters of Jianghu prepare for the next exciting expansion with Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny. New competitions, new battles, and new mysterious challenges are just around the corner, as Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny arrives next Wednesday, October 15th!

  • Lingxiao City and the Path of the Departed by 9ymarket on 09/30/2014

    Far from the central plains and the watchful eye of the authorities lies a sparsely populated region made up of Heaven’s Lake and Snowy Peaks. These areas sit nestled up in the mountains, and the frigid cold drives its few inhabitants in doors. It is in this region that players will have the chance to discover an exciting new Wuxia adventure with the latest expansion to Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny. Join the fight for this secluded land and its lone stronghold, Lingxiao City, in The Path of the Departed.

  • Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny by snailgame on 09/29/2014

    Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny coming on October!

  • Perks of Silver Trade 3.1 by snailgame on 09/25/2014

    During the event period, all purchases for Silver Tael through Snail Games USA will receive a 20% rebate bonus.