School Proficiency: Melee / Long-distance

School Weapon: Palm and Finger, Dagger

Skill Specialty: Group Healing


Emei History



Mount Emei is one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, blessed with four great sites: Clouds Sea, Sunrise, Buddhist Halo, and Saint Lamps. The central peak wreathed with thin mist, and fragrant flowers, make Mount Emei a relaxing place. In Age of Wushu, the Emei School is hidden behind trees, making it a quiet and refined place.



The origins of Emei's Martial Arts come from its founder Guo Xiang. Guo Xiang supposedly inherited the Heaven Reliant Sword that contained sacred Martial Arts secrets. This made the Emei even more famous, equivalent even to Shaolin and Wudang. Emei's martial arts range from powerful inner energy skills to the use of bladed weapons and unarmed combat. The main weapon used by Emei disciples is the sword. They use needles and hairpins as projectile weapons to throw at enemies periodically as well. Like Wudang, Emei's skills are dual-natured, having elements of "roughness" and "softness", "long-range" and "short-range" attacks in the same style of fighting. They rotate between deceptive and direct attacks and can be used effectively by women to overcome opponents who are physically stronger than them.


Notable Members

Abbess Juechen: Leader of Emei, a master of sword. She fought against the Mongolian invasion with the Shaolin Abbot and Wudang Leader.

Yi Ruoxun: The young Master of Yanxia Villa until it was massacred by a mysterious Man in Black. She was rescued by Abbess Juechen, and joined Emei. She still searches for the mysterious man responsible for the massacre of her village.

Xuanyuan Chuqing: Born in the northern desert, she is a ferocious warrior and a devout Emei disciple.

Mu Dieyin: An expert flute player. Rumor has it that she was once part of the Wudang School. She is formidable warrior and descendant of the legendary Tian Mountain School.

Hua Zhenxu: A loyal, kind and immensely stubborn warriot. She left her husband to join the Emei and has devoted her life to helping those in need.

Murong Diyun: The second daughter of the well-known Murong Family. Her sister brought shame to the family. She seeks to restore her family name to honor through the Emei.


Emei School Skills: Rosy Cloud Stab, Departing Sting, Golden Diamond Soft Palm




With its extensive scope and power, the Emei dominate the Southwest region and are considered one of the Three Large Doors of Wushu, along with the Shaolin and Wudang. (Emei only accepts female students)

The Emei Inner Skill is Stilt Walking. The Kung Fu of the Emei combines the Yin and Yang of the human body with dynamic and static kung-fu to create powerful martial arts moves.



The Emei have excellent supportive healing skills. They are able to resurrect their teammates, and provide immunity to damage. The Emei only accept female disciples and are good for players who like supporting roles.


Forbidden Instance: The Emei play a necessary supporting role in the instance.