School Proficiency: Melee

School Weapon: Palm / Sword

Skill Specialty: Continuous Group Attack


Wudang History



The School is located in the middle of the Wudang Mountain range atop a series of long winding stairs. The basic idea behind the Wudang School is balance. The Wudang believe that the balance of one’s mind and body is essential to the mastery of the martial arts. In combat, they redirect energy used against them, throwing enemies off balance with a punch, or maneuvering thin swords through enemy defenses.



There is a saying, “The most respected in the north is Shaolin; the most respected in the south is Wudang”. With focus on Internal Skills, Wudang disciples incorporate Taoist concepts within their martial arts.


Notable Members


Zhang Sanfeng: The Founder of Wudang. He bravely fought in the Mongolian war. He is one of the oldest and most respected people in all of China.

Tianjizi: Called the Sword Branch Leader, he is a strict trainer.

Xiang Jiuchen: A famous Swordsman. Though he is a brilliant martial artist, he is less disciplined than his brothers.

Quyi: A mysterious girl found in the Sword Tomb, no one knows her origin. She devotes herself to the path of the sword.

Hong Yanxin: A famous sword master who used to be a member of the Royal Guards, she left when her brother was murdered.


Wudang School Skills: Breeze Sword, Taichi Sword, Yin Yang Sword




Wudang belongs to the Quanzhen Sect of Taoism. Their disciples are always helping others in need. They have a similar level of respect and fame as the Shaolin.

The Wudang Inner skill is the Yin Yang Heart Protecting Skill. The kung fu of the Wudang combines flexibility and rigidness together to redirect and reverse of their enemy actions and energy.




The Wudang are the main DPS class in PVE situations. Their group DPS in PvP battles is extremely high, however, they are weak in 1v1 battles. This is a great class for anyone who likes group battles.


Forbidden Instance: Wudang’s Breeze Sword is a powerful group attack. Players can challenge the Forbidden Instance by themselves with Breeze Sword.