Beggar's Sect

School Proficiency: Melee

School Weapon: Fist and Kick / Staff

Skill Specialty: Group Damage


Beggar’s Sect History




The Beggars' Sect is one of the supporting pillars in defending the country from foreign invasions. Their leader carries the revered “Dog Beating Staff” as a symbol of his authority and position. The most notable technique of the Beggar’s Sect is the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms. Anyone may join the Sect, making the martial arts of the school diverse. Due to the large size of the school they have a wide network of communication and members have a reputation as excellent information-gatherers.



Members adhere to a strict code of conduct and maintain the utmost respect for their ranks. Each member carries at least one pouch-like "pocket”. The number of pockets indicates rank; Elders carry nine "pockets" each. The Beggar’s Sect upholds justice and helps those in need.


Notable Members

Xiao Tianfang: The leader of the Beggars. He has travelled with other elders of the sect since he was young.

Lu Shufang: One of the Nine-Pocket Elders. He is an illiterate from the streets, yet he loves to listen to book-readings and watch street performances.

Huo Rang: A former patrolman. He joined the Beggar’s Sect to be with Hong Xian.

Zhan Huasheng: A disciple of the Beggar Sect. He is optimistic, witty, and the mastermind of the school.

Hong Xian: Orphaned when a pestilence broke out, Hong Xian and her sister were accepted as Beggars by Elder Shi.


Beggar’s Sect School Skills: Spirit Snake Stick, Crying Stick, Lotus Palm




Beggar’s Sect disciples span the entire nation. However, all disciples are poor and abide by a strict ruleset. The Beggar’s Sect Inner skill is the Mental Skill of Leisure.



The Beggar’s Sect has strong DPS in both PvE and PvP. They do not focus on either in particular, so this school is good for players who like both.


Forbidden Instance: The Beggar’s Sect does not have a strong supportive role like the Shaolin or Emei, but they do have some useful group battle skills.