School Proficiency: Long-distance

School Weapon: Darts, Daggers

Skill Specialty: Poisons and Hidden Weapons


Tangmen History



The Tangmen are located in Sichuan and are run by the Tang family, who are famous for their poisons and hidden weapons. The family castle is surrounded by traps and is very difficult to infiltrate. Even though the Tangmen are famous, very few people truly know them. When they do appear, it’s hard to track them, so people often think they are an evil sect. The rumor is that the Tangmen have seven different types of hidden weapons including poisonous needles and blinding sands. The most famous hidden weapon is the “Storm Pear Flower Needle”. A highly skilled martial artist could hit enemies at 64 different points simultaneously, making the technique impossible to defend against.


Notable Members

Grandmother Tang: The Elder of the Tang family. A spirited old woman who works behind the scenes.

Tang Tianxing: The Leader of the Tangmen. A highly skilled martial artist who always acts with caution.

Tang Sigong: The Poison Branch Leader and one of the former four Elders of the Tangmen. He is responsible for researching poisons, traps, and secret devices.

Tang Fan: A mysterious man who wears an eye-patch, he was bullied by other disciples and only Tang Yingxuan helped him.

Tang Jieyu: A coldhearted beauty. She escaped to the Tangmen 3 years ago, but completely lost her memory. Even though she is not a Tangmen family member, she is trusted by Grandmother and is in charge of the Hidden Weapons Branch.


School Skills: Vertigo Dart, Golden Snake Sting, Shadow Chasing Sting




Tangmen disciples, with their secretive behavior and hit-and-run tactics, give people an impression of being both good and evil. They aren't friendly with the decent high reputation Schools but also have great disdain for criminals.

The Tangmen Inner skill is Seven Limitation Manual. The Seven Limitations are: limitation of Yin, Yang, heart, air, eye, limb, and bone. The seven limitations work in unison to form an organic whole.



Tangmen have many useful debuffs and team dodge buffs. They do not rely on teamwork as much as other schools so they are a great school for solo players.


Forbidden Instance: Tangmen have a power called Stalk in Stealth that increases the critical hit rate of all nearby teammates.