Wanderer's Valley

School Proficiency: Long-distance

School Weapon: Sword and Blade, Fist and Kicking

Skill Specialty: Sinister and Ruthless


Wanderer’s Valley History



The creator of Wanderer's Valley was a Divinator with an unpredictable temperament. He established Wanderer’s Valley secretly after he knew he would not live past the age of 45. He began to recruit infamous people of China to join the Wanderer’s. Nobody fully understands Wanderer’s Valley, as the members of the school are very secretive. While Wudang and Shaolin are considered official members of Wulin, the people of Wanderer’s Valley are considered exiled members of Wulin. Most people don’t know where their skills come from. They do things according to their own wishes without leaving any trace.



The people of Wanderer’s Vallet use poisons, hidden weapons, and even sneak attacks; sabotage is normal for them. In Age of Wushu, the skills used by Wanderer’s Valley are clean and efficient, while their skills cannot compare with deep cultivated internal forces.


Notable Members

Shan Tianming: The Leader of Wanderer’s Valley. He is cunning and sly. Even though he doesn’t deal with everyday issues within Wanderer’s Valley, he secretively watches over everything.

Shan Tianxie: The Younger Brother of Shan Tianming. He was hurt by an explosion which damaged his face, so he has to wear a mask.

Yin Feng: A former eunuch with unusual arrogance, his parents died from political persecution. He doesn’t trust anyone.

Dou Hualun: A former Beggar’s Sect member, he was expelled for practicing evil martial arts. He is narrow-minded and remembers anyone who has wronged him.

Yao Jian: A girl with a face disfigured while learning evil kung fu. She joined the school with a vow to kill any and all heartbreakers.


School Skills: Wind-catching Blade, Perish Blade, Bone Corrosion Palm




The acolytes of the Wanderer’s Valley are amoral, secretive and sinister. Their art focuses on the use of cunning tricks, poisons, and their vicious mastery of dark chi.

The Internal Skill of Wanderer's Valley is Secrets of Dual Training. It is said that it was created by Shan Tianxie, using the harmonious combination of yin and yang.



The Wanderer’s Valley have strong control abilities, and many attacks that can absorb HP. They are excellent at controlling enemies in PvE battles. In PVP, especially 1V1, Wanderer’s Valley players focus on finishing battles quickly because of their low HP. This is a great class for players who like a challenge.


Forbidden Instance: The Wanderer’s Valley have good Immobilization Abilities that are useful in the Forbidden Instance.