Daily Events

Access the mission menu by pressing the "N" key, or by pressing the "Missions" button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. From this menu you can tab through the various mission types and scroll down the lists.


Daily Tasks


Guild Battle

Guild Contribution (Medium), Guild Contribution Certificate (Random)


Wulin Tournament

Arena Tokens (Medium, can be used to exchange for items.)


Escort Mission

Escort Certificate, Coins, Large amount of Guild funds and Contributions


School War

Experience (Random), Honor Token (High), Reputation (Random)


School Patrol

Experience (High), School Honor Certificate (Low), Jackdaw Herb (Low), Coins (Random)


Random Arena

Experience Convert (Medium)


Bounty Notice

Official Silver (Random)


Deathmatch Arena

Jianghu Reputation



Good Value (Low)



Coins (Medium), Taels (Random)


Team Practice

Cultivation Conversion (High)


Hidden Escort Robbery

Experience Pills, (Secret Sentry Robbers can get Jackdaw Herb and Silver Coins)


Daily Escort

Guild Assets, Guild Contribution, Experience Pills, Coins


School Guard

Guard Certificate (Low, exchange for items.)


School Surprise Attack

Surprise Strike Certificate (Low, exchange for items.)


School Spy

Experience (High), School Honor Certificate (Medium), Experience Medicine (High)


Schoool Raid

Experience (High), Honor Token (Medium), Script Pages (Medium)


Protect School Script

Experience (High), Honor Token (Medium), Script Pages (Medium)