Crime and Punishment

Capturing Criminals

Players may choose to spend Tael at the Constabulary to issue a Bounty on their enemy. Once captured, the length of imprisonment varies depending on the amount of Tael spent.


  • 1. Players must spend a minimum of 10 Liang Tael to issue a Bounty.
  • 2. Players free of Novice Protection may spend 5 Liang Tael to become a Constable.
  • 3. Constables can accept Bounties and receive rewards by capturing criminals.
  • 4. Criminals will be sent to prison after they are killed.



Constable Playing Method

Each server has a maximum of 1000 constables. Constables can attack Criminals freely. Once the Criminal is captured, the Constable will receive a reward from the person who issued the Bounty. Constables lose their status if they kill too many people, they may not apply to be a constable again until they have returned to Normal Status.


Infamy and Prison Time

Each time a player kills others, they gain Infamy. When Infamy increases the color of a player’s name changes. When the player’s name turns red they will become a wanted Criminal for all Constables. Players must lower their Infamy to under 2000 to remove themselves from Bounties.


Character Infamy and Justifiable Defense

When a normal player kills a red named player (Wanted Criminal), their Infamy only increases a little. However, if players defend themselves from an attacking player, Infamy will not increase.


Infamy Scales:

Infamy ranges from 1 to 10000, character name colors change according to where the player is on the scale: Orange, Red, and Purple.


Infamy and Constables

When a player’s Infamy reaches 2000 a Bounty will be issued by the Government, and that player may be attacked by Constables (NPCs and Players) at any time.


Criminal Hunting NPCs

Patrol NPCs: The various Guards and Patrolling Disciples found in a city, town or school.

Assassin NPCs: Hidden within cities, towns, and schools these NPCs will not attack unless there is a Red Named Criminal around.

Hunter NPCs: These hidden NPCs will attack anyone whose Infamy is above 5000.


Red Name Criminal Punishment


Any Red Named player that has been killed by an NPC or other players will be put into Prison or on Death Row. Infamy between 2000-7999 will be imprisoned, +8000 will be put on Death Row.




Prison: Located in the five major cities (Jinling, Yanjing, Suzhou, Luoyang, and Chengdu). You must stay in prison until your Infamy reaches zero.

Death Row: You will be put on Death Row in Yanjing and decapitated the next day. Once you are decapitated your Basic Attributes will be greatly affected.


Avoid Being Punished


Orange Name: You may make donations to a “Mysterious Old Man” in each city to lower your Infamy.

Red Name: You may bribe the Prison Guards to release you early.

Purple Name: Before being decapitated you may bribe the Prison Guards and hope they will find a replacement for you.