Kidnapping Another Player

Kidnapping: A Guide



One of the more intriguing features of Age of Wushu is the Offline Mode. When you log out of the game, your online character continues on in the game world as an NPC. While offline you are able to accumulate silver and experience that can be collected upon logging back in.

Unfortunately, the bonus of gaining offline bonuses comes with a risk. When your character becomes an NPC, they can become prey for some of the more nefarious players. For those who wish focus on their evil side; they can kidnap offline players.


Step 1: Always be Prepared

There are unique knockout drops (sedatives) sold in the General Store that will help you kidnap a player. Properly used, these sedatives cause the unsuspecting Offline Player to become dizzy and ultimately, pass out.


Step 2: Find an Offline Player

With the knockout drops procured, you must first find a target. Offline Players are easy to recognize, their names appear the same as a player’s name, but have a performing task line (sweeping, patrolling, performing in a square, shouting constantly about a store, etc.) above their name.



Step 3: Kidnapping

There are two ways to initiate,

  • • Target the offline player and click the Knockout Drops
  • • Right-click the avatar of the Offline Player and selecting kidnap (then click the knockout drops)

If successful, the Offline Player will conveniently pass out into a sack that you can pick up. This may not always work depending on the strength of the knockout drops vs. the strength of the Offline Player. Stronger knockout drops are needed for stronger players. If you fail to kidnap the Offline Player you will be paralyzed for a short time. If you are successful pick up the sack and…



Step 4: RUN

Congratulations, you are now a kidnapper! Carrying an Offline Player gives you a movement speed debuff, and puts an icon over your head so that you are clearly marked. This icon is visible to all players and signals that you are kidnapping someone. You may be attacked freely at any time while kidnapping an Offline Player.


Step 5: Making Money

You can sell an Offline Player to many places. You cannot transport an Offline Player outside of the region that you captured them in. For example, if you kidnap an Offline Player in Suzhou, you cannot sell them in Chengdu. You cannot sell a person back to the store or business you kidnapped them from. Only shady stores will buy kidnapped people. Talk to the NPC in charge of your favorite shady venue to make the transaction. Various stats and other factors will determine how much money you will get.


Tip: There are specific NPCs that will give you a kidnapping task at certain times. They will give you a specific type of person to search out and kidnap for a special reward.


Kidnapping is not for everyone. Schools with a Justice Code (Shaolin, Emei, Wudang, and Beggar’s Sect) frown upon the act of Kidnapping, and punish you for taking part. The good news is, if you are remorseful, there is an option to repent. Simply abandon the kidnapping and all will be forgiven. You respect within these schools and if you prevent kidnappings.


For more on Kidnapping, check out our latest video on YouTube!

*Players must qualify for Jianghau PvP and not be under protection to begin kidnapping. This means the Sit and Breath Internal Skill must be cultivated to Level 11 or any school internal skill cultivated to level 5