Jianghu Aid

When playing Age of Wushu, have you ever see a little pigeon in the upper left hand corner of your screen with message “Help in Jianghu”? Accepting this task transports you to an Instance Boss and to help assist in defending the instance against invaders.



The Random Encounters may take you to unexpected places where you can gain surprising rewards. Jianghu Gossip will also bring you into the Forbidden Instances. Entering each instance is based on Jianghu Gossip and Random Encounters.



With the new Forbidden Instances you have more than just the option of grouping up with your friends and attacking, you can also defend them. Though the Instance Boss may not always be righteous, helping them has monetary and other rewards that are useful.

Additional details to be aware of:

First, these notices for help are sent to many players within the area, but Instance Bosses might only need a few helpers. Players who do not quickly accept the help request might be left out.

Second, if you are called to help within the Instance, you will become an advance level NPC.



Third, you don’t have to worry about getting killed by invaders. You will keep respawning until the battle is over.

Finally, no matter what the results are, you will get rewarded. However, successful defense has greater rewards.

So next time you get one of these “Assist in Jianghu” notices from a pigeon, remember to accept quickly!