Random Encounters

There are some things in Age of Wushu that are not planed, but experienced. These experiences are mysterious and can occur without warning. You could run into a bit of serendipity or find yourself in a bit of trouble. Some of them could confer a life-changing set of martial arts skills without the player having to lift a finger. Or you could wear yourself out, only to receive a reward as valuable as a simple stone. These are Random Encounters, and they can leave a player joyful or seething.

There are two kinds of random encounters: “Random Type” and “Fixed Type”.


Random Type


  • • Each map will have a random encounter similar to a lotto. A random player will be chosen from the map and an unknown NPC will start following them.
  • • You will be able to trigger a random encounter with certain NPCs everyday. However, once you talk to that NPC they will go on cooldown and others may not talk to them.


Fixed Type


Fixed NPC Type

You will be able to find this type of NPC through hints hidden within gossip. However, you need to fulfill certain requirements to trigger random encounters from this type of NPC.


Fixed Task Item Type

This type of random encounter involves items dropped in the world. When you a Fixed Task Item is dropped, you must find the corresponding NPC to trigger the random encounter. No further requirements are needed.

Tip: To begin a random encounter, find an NPC with a lantern icon above their head.

Random Encounters are the result of your interactions with NPCs and the world, so be sure to fully grasp how gratitude and gossip play out in Age of Wushu’s social systems. After selecting a storyline, the game will give players some guided tasks. We recommend you do them, as they might result in Random Encounters!