Chat Functions

Most players are familiar with basic chat functions, but some features might need explanation.



If you click the small gear on the Combine Tab above the chat window, you can select which sources you'd like/not like to recieve messages from, such as guild, school, or nearby chat.



If you want to create a chat tab that only displays a single source, such as school chat, click the + sign next to the combine button. When you enter a new Team, Group, or School, the system will automatically create a new chat tab.



On the upper right-hand corner of the chat window is a yellow triangle that you can drag to enlarge or shrink the chat window. The Adjust Automatic Transparency button allows you to pick the degree of transparency of the Chat Content Tab.

On the right of the text entry bar is a button for emoticons.



Note: Among the chat channels are the Gossip and World Channels, but they are premium chat channels, and access to them will set you back a few taels of silver per message sent.