Currency System

Age of Wushu has two kinds of currency: Coins and Tael. Each of these kinds of currency have different applicable uses and max carry limits. When trading, if you do not have enough Coins then Tael will be used to fulfill the trade.

Uses: Coins are bound to characters. They are used as the basic currency in the game, for example, making purchases in shops, stagecoach fees, item repair fees, and so on.

Tael is not bound, and can be used for both basic purchases as well as traded between players.


Max Carry Limit:

Non Jianghu VIP--8 ingots of Silver Coins, 30 Tael.

Jianghu VIP--10 ingots of Silver Coins, 1000 Tael.


Joint Deletion:

All the places in the game that use Coins can use Tael. But the system defaults to Coins when applicable. When you don't have enough Coins or their use is restricted, if you select the Joint Deletion Option, the system will deduct Tael to pay.