World Shop

Cities are major commercial centers. The government has set up bustling markets in particularly prosperous places where people sell everything from weapons and armor to food and medicine. Starting at midnight Monday, the stalls enter a bidding period, and for two days players compete for the right to operate a stall. During this period you can click on a stall to open its interface, and check out the highest price at the moment. You can then enter an amount and try to make a winning bid.

During the bidding period all players can set up stalls and compete on price, with a starting price of 1 Tael. Each price increase must be at least 10% of the last price presented. After successfully making your bid, the system will automatically deduct the Tael amount from the player's travel bag as a down payment. If someone exceeds your announced price you won't get your down payment back but you will be hit with a government tax.

After the bidding period ends at Midnight on Wednesday all players who have won a bid will receive their stall operating rights. Players can then click on their stalls to open a stall interface. On the Stall page you can select a unique look for the stall, and on the Hire page you can hire a seller to man it. These options have extra fees.



Unsold stalls fail the auction period. At this time, Players who hold "Government Certificates" can "Levy the Stalls". In the Levy Interface, click the "Levy Button", you must have enough Government Certificates in your inventory.

In the last page of stall settings players can place items for sale, set prices for the items, and decide when to "Start Stall" and when to "End Stall". When you click on "Start Stall", other players can click on your shop to see the items you are selling.

When you sell an item from the Stall, the Silver will be sent to you through System Email. Of course, the System will also automatically deduct 1% out of the sales as a Processing Fee.

At the bottom of the Stall Interface, there is a countdown time for the Stall Leasing Period. When the countdown time ends, all Stalls will be taken back by the government to start the next round of bidding.