Stall Functions


Introduction: A player can easily set-up their stall in the game via the shortcut key [P] or the [Stall] button in the lower right hand Menu.


Stall Time: A stall will last for one hour after you set it. If you need more time, you can adjust settings in the [World Shop].

Stall Name: Be sure to give your stall an enticing name that will attract customers.

Automatic Yelling: Create a custom slogan to shout and attract customers! The system will automatically yell it out for you periodically.

Sell/Buy Items: All players will have 30 stall boxes to sell or buy, but Jianghu VIPs get 60 stall boxes.

Life Service: Use to set prices for your life services.

Transaction Record: Records your 50 most recent transactions.

Message Record: Records the 50 most recent messages left by other players.