Collecting Life Skills



Hunters acquire hides, meats, and bonus items used to make equipment and food.


The items you get from skinning correspond to your Hunter level. For example, you can only get certain items from skinning if you are at higher levels.


Tip: Press “M”, then select “Search for NPC” to find a specific beast.




Miners collect different types of ores, and produce extra items such as gems.

You can check the location of mines through the interface.


Tip: After you find an ore node, you will be able to see the placement of the node on your map.

Only miners can select the ore option on the map, and smelt ores.





    Woodcutters provide lumber.


Tip: After you find a wood node, you will be able to see the placement of the node on your map. Only woodcutters can select the wood option on the map.



Farmers collect important materials for the Chef and Tailor professions.
Process Crops

In the crops process interface, Farmers can process various food materials without using Vigor or Silver.

Planting Crops

You can purchase crops seeds and Silkwork eggs from Farmer Shifus.

Tip: Some seeds cannot be purchased from a Farmers Shifu, they can only be gotten from Faction Challenge or the Forbidden Instance.


Using seeds: When you are in a Farmland area, you can right-click the seed to plant. It will take 3 minutes to mature, during that period crops may be affected by weeds and insects. You need to use the corresponding medicine on the crops, or they will die. You can purchase pesticide and weeding medicine from Farmers.

Using Silkworm Eggs: When close to a Silkworm Stand, right-click a Silkworm Egg to plant. The rearing period is 3 minutes, during that time you need to pay attention to the amount of Mulberry leaves that have been eaten.

You can purchase Silkworm Medicine and Mulberry Leaves from Farmers.




Fishermen obtain fish and shrimp, and have a chance to catch rare fish. Fishing also provides extra gameplay: click on the left and right mouse button to reel a fish in.