Marketplace Life Skills



You can learn the Beggar Life Skill from a Beggar Shifu. They will give you a broken crock and a Skill Manual called “Greasiness” when you join. Beggar Skills include Pleading and Begging. Pleading is a traditional Beggar’s Skill. Begging however, is used to beg money from NPCs. After Begging successfully, you will gain an item called Charity. Right-click Charity to receive some money, the amount of money depends on your Begging Skill level.


“Greasiness” can force other players to stop for five seconds so you can beg. You will sell an Auspicious Bag to the target. They may choose to buy the Auspicious Bag for a chance to receive good items or nothing.


When you level-up a Beggar Life Skill to 8, 15, or 25, you may purchase a higher level Begging Skill from the Beggar Shifu. Remember, you must become a Beggar to join the Beggar’s Sect.


How to become a Beggar

Click “M” to open the map, and locate the Beggar Shifu in the Life Shifu tab. Talk to them and follow the task instructions to become a Beggar.

Tip: You can only select one of the two marketplace professions.


Function of a Beggar

Beggar skills can be divided into: Pleading and Begging.

Pleading: Force a player to stop and possibly purchase an Auspicious Bag. The quality of the bag depends on the level of your Pleading. “Greasiness” is a Pleading Skill.

You must place the Pleading Skill in your shortcut bar to cast.

How to use Pleading: Click a target player, and right-click the Pleading Skill to beg.

Begging: Beg NPCs for money.

How to use Begging: As with Pleading, you must place the skill on your shortcut bar to cast. Select a target NPC and right-click the Begging Skill to beg.




Divinators can add a buff to increase the speed of Experiece Conversion.

In game, you need a large amount of Cultivation to cultivate your skills. Divinators can offer the highest  experience conversion in game, up to 400%.

Divinators can gain Proficiency by Divinating. When Proficiency reaches a certain amount, you can receive a task to gain new identities. With higher levels of Divinator identity, there are higher Experience Conversion speed and better results from Divinating.


Function of a Divinator

Divinators increase Experience Conversion for other players.


How to become a Divinator

Click “M” to open the map, and locate the Divinator Shifu in the Life Shifu tab. Talk to them and follow the task instructions to become a Divinator.

Tip: You can only select one of the two marketplace professions.


Divinator Skills

There are 3 skills: Divination Stick, Divinate, and Travelling Divination.

Divination Stick can be divided into Future, Fortune, and Marriage

Future: Influences the Experience Conversion Speed

Fortune: Can locate players whom you have a Blood Feud with

Marriage: Not Available

Divinate: Set up your Divination Stall.

Travelling Divination: Choose a target player, right-click “Travelling Divination” to Divinate for them.


How to ask a Divinator for Divination

Two Methods:

  • As a Divinator to divinate for you.
  • Click a Divinator stall

You can choose to pay divination with Tael or Coins. The fees increase depending on the level of the Divinator. Coins have a spending limit, but Tael does not. To get your divination, click “Future” after choosing a payment method.

Tip 1: You must pay 100 Liang of Tael to the Divinator to start the divination. Then, you must pay 184 Liang of Tael to the system, to get your Divination Results.

This is called and Interpretation fee.

Tip 2: After you receive your Divination Results, you can either accept, reject, or re-divinate your results. Accepting and rejecting costs no additional money, however if you choose to re-divinate you will be charged half of the Interpretation fee.