Rage Attacks and Cooldowns


When fighting you build up Rage which can be used to activate a powerful attack on your foes. A player's Rage Meter is located below the Internal Force and Health bars. When you collect a pool of Rage, a fireball will appear. These fireballs can be obtained faster depending on multiple scenarios:



  • • Each Attack builds a little bit of fire
  • • Attacking Multiple enemies at once
  • • Taking damage
  • • Absorbing damage by Parrying

When you have sufficient Rage built up, your Rage skill will become available and alert you with a glow that it is ready to be unleashed. Beware though, a player can still parry these attacks and their extreme damage.



Flying Skills

Some skills are better suited for aerial combat. With these martial arts, players have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speeds. They are able to perform gravity defying moves such as gliding across water, running up walls, and holding themselves aloft while exchanging blows.




Each skill has an individual cooldown (CD) time. After you use/cast a skill, it will enter its CD. However, there is also another type of CD called Shared CD.


  • • When any skill is cast all other skills in the same skill set will enter a shared CD of 1 sec
  • • When any skill is cast, all other skills in other skill sets will enter a shared CD of 7 sec
  • • The shared CD restriction prevents the continous comboing of skills from different skill sets, this restriction does not stop you from using parry stances at any time