Skill Categories


Ranged Skills


These types of skills require players to click on a target before using/casting.


  • • If there are any obstacles between you and your target, the ranged skill will not be cast, even if you are locked onto your target
  • • If your target moves out of range, you can still cast/use your ranged skill, but they will take no damage unless it is an Approach Skill. This means that your opponent can dodge your skills if they move quickly enough


Approach Skills

Approach skills are a special class of targeting skills.

  • • Players can pre-load one of these skills into the queue after they have locked onto a target that is currently out of range. The range not only refers to the range of the skill itself, but how far you can dash with your flying skills
  • • When in range the player will dash towards the target and execute the move
  • • Only one Approach Skill can be queued at a time
  • • Approach Skills will be removed from the queue if any other skills are activated
  • • These skills are not guaranteed to always work, if your opponent moves out of the target zone they can dodge your approach skill


Non-Targetting Skills

Non-targeting skills can be used/cast even if you do not have a target selected. They are generally Area of Effect (AoE) attacks that expand in 360 degrees from your character.


Area-Defining Skills

Area-defining skills are a special class of non-targeting skills. After clicking on the skill drag your mouse to the location that you'd like it to target.


Aditional Info




  • • There are no such thing as "Classes" or "Jobs", your character can learn every single skill in the game, although some skills are extremely rare and hard to come by
  • • Joining a school can give you easy access to the skills of that school, though you can also learn skills from other schools by participating in daily "Script Stealing" events, or buying them from other players
  • • There are other skills which do not belong to any school and can only be obtained through challenges, such as clearing dungeons/instances, or extremely rare Random Encounters
  • • Each is typically a number in a series of "Skill Sets", each school currently has three skill sets
  • • Each skill set has their own characteristics, for example some are better in a PvE situation than a PvP one
  • • Each skill set comes with a Parry Skill, Feint, Overt Move, and Chi Move.