School Raid

There are many secret scripts hidden within each school. It is up to players to protect or steal scripts from schools.



School Raid Rules

  • 1. There will be a batch of Secret Scripts randomly sent to two Schools. Players can find the "Book Shelf" or "Book Delivery Disciples" to get the scripts.
  • 2. When the player reaches “First Understanding” and has joined a school, they can click “N” to open the Mission Interface, and click the “School” tab at the top of the screen, then select “School Raid” or “Protect the Scripts” to join the event.
  • 3. As long as you match the Raid requirements, you may join the event anywhere.
  • 4. Bookshelves will spawn at four fixed spots and two random spots.
  • 5. Players will get Experience and Random Skill Scripts when they deliver the scripts to the Librarian.
  • 6. Players conversion speed will increase while protecting scripts from a school raid. If they retrieve the stolen scripts and return it to the Librarian, they will gain Experience and Random Skill Scripts.
  • 7. There will be no PVP penalty during School Raids.




School Raid Playing Method

School raids are like other events, click “N” to open the Interface and select the event you wish to join on the left.


Tip: You may only join a School Raid during the hours of 19:00 – 20:00 Monday to Saturday. Secret Scripts will randomly be distributed to two schools, if you are of one of the two schools then you may not participate in the School Raid. However, you may protect Scripts from raiders. You can raid scripts off script carriers, as well as off bookshelves.