Forbidden Instance

The Forbidden Instance is said to be a place where all the world’s secrets are hidden. Heavily guarded and containing many treasures, the instance is a challenging place full of adventure and reward.


How to Complete the Forbidden Instance

1. Form a team
2. Bring healing items and food
3. Prepare your skills and weapons
4. Locate the entrance, and choose your difficulty
5. You will be locked out from completing the Forbidden Instance on the same difficulty more than once per a day.

Fighting in the Forbidden Instance
Fights include Normal Battles, Puzzle Solving, and Final Battles.
Normal battle: You will encounter many enemies, the more enemies you defeat, the better your reward.
Puzzle Solving: You will encounter many mechanisms and traps along the way. Participating in Puzzle Solving improves rewards.
Final battle: At the end of each stage of the Forbidden Instance there will be a Boss or a Complex Puzzle waiting for you. Bosses will hire other players to assist them. Only solving the puzzle or defeating the Boss within the time limit will allow you to go onto the next stage. Players assisting the Boss will also get corresponding rewards if they defeat the challengers.
Dying and Healing: If your HP reaches zero, you will be teleported to the nearest Healing Point to recover.

Puzzles of the Forbidden Instance
There are different traps and mechanisms blocking your path in the Forbidden Instance. However, there are surrounding clues to assist the you in solving the Puzzle.


What You Need to Know for the Forbidden Instance

1. Must form a team to enter the Forbidden Instance.
2. Must reach certain Strength to enter. You can check the Strength requirement in the Mission Interface (“N” key shortcut).
3. Different levels of the Forbidden Instance have different player caps. You can check the player cap in the Mission Interface.
4. Different levels of the Forbidden Instances have different reset times.
5. You may not use your horse in the Forbidden Instance.

Progressing in the Forbidden Instance
While you progress through the Instance the game keeps track of you. If you quit before you complete the Instance, your progress to that point will be saved. When you come back, you will enter at the point you left off at. There is a time limit on the Instance, if you pass that limit your progress will reset and you will have to start at the beginning of the Instance again.

All team members share progress. If any team member advances through the instance without the others, the whole team progresses.

You can reset the Forbidden Instance by using a resetting item acquired from random encounters, or by waiting for the system to reset the instance.

Reward Screen

The Reward Screen will show your performance as well as your rewards. The contents of your rewards will change based on your contributions and performance.