Joining a Guild

Age of Wushu is filled with dangers. Joining a guild will help you overcome many of those trials, and provide allies to help you change the world.



To join a guild you must first join a school and advance beyond the initial ranks. Then find a Guild Administrator in one of the major cities such as, Chengdu, Suzhou, Luoyang, or Jinling. To locate a Guild Administrator, press “M” to bring up the map, then click the Missions tab, and select the Guild Administrator button. Once you have selected the Administrator a waypoint will appear on the map. Click the waypoint to auto-run to the Guild Administrator. If you are having trouble seeing where the Administrator icon is on the map, try deselecting other waypoints in the Missions tab.



To find a guild, speak to the Guild Administrator and click the Join/Support Guild option. Then scroll through guilds, or type the name of a guild into the search bar.  Once you find the desired guild click the "Apply to Join" button.



Note: Guild names are case sensitive.