Life System and Vigor

Vigor is related to your Life Skill Professions. Your Max Vigor depends on your highest level Life Profession. If you want to increase your Vigor, focus on leveling one Life Profession. You start the game with 100 Vigor.


When you complete the introductory task for a Collection Profession (Miner, Farmer, Hunter, Fisherman, etc.) you will receive a Script that increases your Max Vigor. The Max Vigor increased using a Script depends on your current Max Vigor. The higher your current Max Vigor, the more your Max Vigor will be increased from a script. You can also send prayers to increase your Vigor.


Prayer tips:


1. You gain the total effect of Prayers you send, but the receiving party only gains half the effect

2. Prayers cannot be deleted or transferred

3. The effect you receive from Prayers is random

4. You may only Pray 20 times per a day

5. You may only receive up to 100 Prayer Effects

6. There are three different pay scales for Prayers: 500 Wen Coins, 10 points Vigor, or 100 Liang Tael