Faction Challenge

Faction Challenges are instances with unique characters, bosses, stories, and rewards associated with them.

To attempt a Faction Challenge press the "N" key, or click on the "Missions" button in the lower right hand corner of the screen to bring up the Missions menu. Then click the far right tab to bring up the Faction Challenge menu. As you progress through the game and increase your Reputation more Faction Challenges will unlock for you. Reputation is the base stat requirement for attempting Faction Challenges.


To check your current reputation, press the "C" button, or click on the "Character Attributes" button on the toolbar at the bottom center of the screen. Then click on the second tab featuring a jade charm icon.


Attempting a Faction Challenge

You may attempt a Faction Challenge a maximum of eight times per day. When you are ready, select a challenge from the Faction menu. Detailed information like lore, relationships, history, and rewards, will appear on the right.


Select the “Intro” tab, and click on the green text describing the location to have your character auto-navigate to that location. You may also navigate to a Faction Challenge, by opening your map, clicking on the missions tab, and checking the option for “Faction Challenge”. A Faction Challenge icon will appear on your map allowing you to auto-navigate to that position. You will only be able to use the map to go to a Faction Challenge if you are already in the correct zone.


You must have a six-man party, with each member at the proper level of Reputation, for the Faction Challenge. Once your team is ready, talk to the quest giver outside the Faction Challenge area and submit a challenge.


Faction Challenges can be attempted with less than six players, or even solo, by creating a team of just yourself, but due to difficulty it is not recommended.
You can quit a Faction Challenge at any time by crossing any of the instance boundaries or talking to the quest giver at the beginning and asking to end the Challenge.

Faction Challenge Objectives

The main objective of most instances is to defeat the boss. Some faction Challenges also have optional or bonus challenges that increase rewards as well as improved ratings. Your clear rating is important because it ties directly into the quality of your rewards.

Be sure to check the Faction Challenge quest tracker for details on all the primary and secondary Challenge objectives.



Rewards range from a simple Reputation increases to new martial arts skill sets. You can also earn Profession gear or Flying Skills. If you are looking for a particular reward, you can check the stash tab of the Faction Challenge's info bar.


Each Faction Challenge has a treasure chest icon associated with it in the Faction Challenge tab of the Missions menu. This tab will also display the number of successes out of six you have for the day. If you successfully complete a Faction Challenge six times in one day, you will gain additional rewards contained within this chest.