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Character Pre Creation



    With the impending launch of Age of Wushu on April 10th, Snail Games invites you to use our free Character Pre-Creation service beginning April 5th at 12:00PM (PDT).

Players that have not registered for an Age of Wuhsu Account, can sign-up here:

Or clicking the REGISTER button to  the right of this Article.

    After you registered,  you will be able to download the game client and begin the Pre-Creation process for your character. Aspiring adventurers can secure their preferred in game name and have ample time before launch to use our extensive character face designer. Beat the launch day rush; have your character created, named, and customized so that you can begin your adventures in Ming Dynasty China as soon as our NEW SERVER is officially launched!

    When your download is complete, start the game and use registered account to login to the game. You will enter the Pre-Character Creation view. For a more detailed look in the process of Pre-Creation, Click HERE

Please NOTE when selecting character gender, within Age of Wushu true martial art worlds, players will be able to choose any school of eight major schools, however, in the game each school has a certain join condition, for example, Shaolin only accept male disciple and Emei only accept female disciple, so players who want to join Shaolin or Emei need to choose the appropriate gender for the character.

Make sure you get in early to prepare for the Free-To-Play journey on April 10th. Player's can enter the Blue Dragon server today and play at a limited time. White Tiger and Blue Dragon will launch April 10th with unlimited playing time for all players.