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Game Guides for All

The Guides for Age of Wushu are available to help players with questions on some of the many basics in the game. From Schools to Skills and Professions to Combat, there is a guide for a majority of the features currently available in Age of Wushu.

Click Here to be taken to the Guides Page. You can also access guides at the top of the site, by clicking the Guide button.

With a lot more players joining the fray at launch on April 10th we at Snail want to make sure all the new (and some current) players were up to speed on the deep options in game.  As the game grows, so will our guides.  Even the current guides are subject to change, based on the opinions and suggestions by you, the players. If there is something that you would like to see added or amended, let us know. The Forums and Support team are here to help make Age of Wushu easy for new players to grasp and get in for you to recruit or kidnap.

Of course, what are the guides for if you can’t install. Here is a video to help answer one of the most pressing issues out there, “How do I install Age of Wushu?” GM Jungle has created a brief tutorial to assist those new players downloading for the first time in preparation for launch or Pre-Creation.

If you have friends that want to play as well, they can purchase a Retail Version on at the end of April from GameStop (more details to come).  Age of Wushu will be Free-to-Play and unlimited time in game on April 10th.