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Guild Battles: Burning Down the House

  The Guildsof Age of Wushu provide players with a genuine Wuxia experience, like the rest of the games design. Guilds can impact the world of Jianghu as much as a player can with their professions or School. How do Guilds and the wars fought between them develop the world Age of Wushu?

  Guild territories fit seamlessly with zones on a map so players can teleport to them freely without having to be removed from the world by clicking an NPC. These areas are constructed and upgraded by players for the purpose of increasing cultivation, practicing Life Skills (Professions), and more. Guild buildings change colors and design based on the upgrades a guild makes to them. The front gate of the territory will honor the guild occupants with the name and flying of multiple banners bearing that guild’s sigil. As guilds level up, there are even opportunities to receive special suits to wear for guild members.

  With the glory and honor of controlling territories, comes the fear of losing them in wars. Guild Wars have opposing guilds and their allies burning down your buildings, plundering your fortune and kidnapping servants of your grounds. During Wars, players do not get penalized they would in other instances where they would kill players. Players can gain reputation points for their guild by capturing maids for money, destroying buildings and statues. For an attacker to win, they will need to destroy 3 Lion Statues, fight their way to a secret chamber (via a teleport), and then overtake the defending guild’s Throne.

Guilds can defend their land with the aid of other guilds, hiring NPC mercenaries to defend the territory, and even building security devices to fend off attackers. Destroying a territory leaves room for another guild to come in and grow or for established guilds to control more land (should they have the coin to do so). 

Check out a few clips of a Guild War then jump into Age of Wushu and begin training your guild in order to control a territory when the game launces Free-to-Play on April 10th. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for retail copies to give as gifts to new guild recruits following the April 10th launch. Age of Wushu will also be available in GameStop on April 23rd.