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Red Phoenix Rising This Weekend


   Age of Wushu is Rolling along so well, that we are opening a fourth server this weekend.


   Red Phoenix is launching at 11:00 AM PDT, Saturday, April 13, for all players looking to start fresh from the ashes or are a new player joining the red hot epic in its opening weekend. 


   All LAUNCH EVENTS planned for White Tiger and Black Tortoise will also go into effect for Red Phoenix as this is a new server coinciding with launch.


   We are also excited to open the new server for all those coming to the game later in the month on April 23rd, coinciding with the retail launch of Age of Wushu at GameStop stores across the US. More information on this to come.


   Thanks again for the amazing reviews, reception, and response to the Free-To-Play MMO that is creating buzz everywhere we look. Head to the forums and start recruiting for the Red Phoenix server or hop back onto the other servers and keep training towards that masterful position in-game. The choice of servers and everything else is yours in Age of Wushu!