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A New Wushu is on the Horizon

   With Age of Wushu excelling to new heights, we want to raise the ceiling on what to expect sooner rather than later. We’ve already opened a 4th server less than a week after launching the Epic Martial Arts MMO. It’s time to begin preparing the next installment in OUR Wushu journey.

   In order to bring you a complete experience, we are incorporating many new features to the game. Our development team is working tirelessly to make sure you have much of the content currently available across the server seas in China. New Skills, New competitions, and the following are some exciting features to expect in the future versions of Age of Wushu.

Mount Hua Competition
This is the main competition currently in China, rewarding the top players with special titles AND costumes to let the world of Jianghu know who the top competitors are. The true champion of these will be rewarded the Heaven Sword; a symbol of excellence in the game.
Yanmen Pass
A new instance takes players across China to story that THEY choose. Different stories with very different gameplay each time.
Rage Skills
New Rage skills will be available to learn. Like all skills though, the strength of these comes from the player’s desire to cultivate them. Victory is not easy to obtain.

Stop living in the Close Friend zone. We are bringing the joy and spectacle of Ming Dynasty Weddings. Players can join in companionship with others and celebrate with lavish parties and parades. 
   In addition to these much anticipated new features will be a constant update and polish to the current game as we know it. Stay up to date with all the news and information of Age of Wushu here and in the forums. Then make sure your character is tip top to fight for love by cultivating and training.