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Booze-shu: Kung Fu under the influence of wine

   One stat that a lot of players ask about is the Alcohol Tolerance in Age of Wushu. This is a special stat that measures how much alcohol a player can or require to be affected by alcohol. This affect is both in terms of a player drinking or being sprayed from another player in combat. This stat can be viewed with the other stats (Health, Brawn, etc.) by pressing C  to open the character menu.

   Drinking and becoming drunk rewards players with a Evade buff during combat. The higher the tolerance of a player, the more alcohol is required to remain drunk. If a player drinks too much, they will no longer be able to evade and lose mobility in combat or in regular travels. Certain NPCs can unlock random encounters if they enjoy seeing a drunk master stumbling across the streets on a regular basis. Be wary of your Schools Rules to make sure that you are permitted to drink without being disciplined by your sect.

   In combat, a player with the appropriate skill can spray alcohol to get another player drunk.  If a player Spits Wine (initially a Beggar skill) the targeted player can become drunk and affected by the alcohol. Having a low tolerance results in being knocked down, slower movement, inability to perform certain skills, vomit, and blurred vision; becoming a major detriment in combat. If you have a higher tolerance and are sprayed by another player, then you could have your own evade buffed thanks to the expectorating opponent.

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