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Mount Hua Competition Preview

   Age of Wushu already has a lot to offer, but in the coming months there will be more exciting features for players to take part in across Ming Dynasty China. One of these new features will be the giant PvP tournament, Mount Hua Competition. This is a chance for the best players to fight and earn a chance to win one of 5 Mythical Titles and wield a special weapon until they prove unworthy.

   There are Five Great Masters in Wuxia. They are Huang Yaoshi from Peach Blossom Island, Ouyang Feng from Western Region, Duan Zhixing from Kingdom of Dali, Hong Qigong from the North, and Wang Chongyang of Quanzhen Sect from Central China. These masters competed atop the legendary Mount Hua to gain the ultimate skill: Nine Yin Scroll. The competition between these greats is now a public event for the very best players on the server to compete in a battle of true skill. 

   The server begins by sending out Invitations to players based on their Personal Strength, School War Results, Reputation, etc. These invitations can then be exchanged for a Sword Invitation Discussion. Player’s with these discussions can earn more through defeating other players across the world. This Ancient Chinese version of the Highlander series will end when the server invites the top 32 players holding one of these prized items to fight on the top of Mount Hua.

   The tournament will randomly pit player against player until there is only one remaining. The 32 that compete will earn titles and rewards based on their results. The top 5 will be presented one of the 5 Greats Title and a corresponding fashion set. The one true master at the end will be rewarded with both a title and the fashion set, but also the sole wielder of the Heaven Leaning Sword and epic weapon for use while they are victor of the tournament. All players that do not make the tournament have a chance to spectate and learn other schools skills and Wushu skills as well.

   Train today in Age of Wushu, free to download or purchase the special retail edition at GameStop. Be prepared for the calling of Mount Hua later this summer!