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Yanmen Pass: New Story and Instance

A new instance is on the horizon for players, Yanmen Pass. This new area of trial for players to journey and conquer comes with a new unique system different from the other Instances in Age of Wushu. While players can choose between difficulties of certain Instances, Yanmen Pass gives you the choice of which story you want to complete within the instance. Each of the stories is a path that players can take within a major plot at the center of Yanmen Pass. There is a story from the perspective of those invading, protecting, and the men in the middle.

   Wulin Story

    Players join as a member of the Wulin people and can enter the war directly. This is the mainline story that must be completed before the other stories are available.

    Villager Story

    Completing the Wulin story allows players to talk with Liu Shoukuai and take on the villager story. This point of view is through the villagers of the Yanmen Pass War and the side they chose to take in the conflict.

    Defender Story

    The Denfender certificate accepted from Yang Dengfeng lets players play through the point of view of those set on the fighting off of the raiders in the Yanmen Pass.

    In addition to these stories are the Bosses that occupy the instances. These are terrifying foes that will stand in the way of players regardless of the stories and tasks that they choose, but yield the great treasures that are sealed within the depths of the dungeon-like instances. 

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