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Sixteen Prefectures Battle Arena

    Later this summer, Age of Wushu is bringing an explosive team arena for players to compete in called the Sixteen Prefectures. Players will fight on either the side of the Ming Volunteer Army or the Mongolia Restoration Army and experience bloodthirsty combat amidst a merciless war.

    Players join the warfront from server-wide invitations sent to those meeting requirements to be drafted to battle. From there they will be placed on one of the influenced sides. The heroes must aid and assist in the defeat of the other team through different phases and objectives during the fight.

 The torn land that the war takes place is divided by a raging river with strongholds on both sides. Players must allocate resources to various locations on their side to make sure soldiers advance or powerful trebuchets and cannons are not destroyed. Making sure the powerful artillery weapons are standing can prevent hordes of enemy units (player or AI) from occupying your camp.

     Sixteen Prefectures includes a War Preparation Period as players begin filing into rank so others can plot the best course of attack and strategic placement of their teammates. The battle commences and players must frequently deliver supplies across the lines to aid their team in order to kill the leaders of the opposing team and eventually occupy the enemy’s stronghold and claim victory. Victorious teams will be reward appropriately based on their Reputation rank as well. Higher ranks can yield better rewards as your characters lore spreads farther and wider with the great victory.

Invade Age of Wushu today; the Free-To-Play MMO is now available for download. Want an few bonus supplies to carry into battle, then check out the Special Retail Edition at GameStop for a leg up on the enemies you will encounter.