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The Ultimate Scroll: A Powerful Skill Set Coming Soon!

    There is more power coming to the 8 Martial Arts Schools. The schools in Age of Wushu are getting a new weapon in their arsenal to bestow on truly deserving members, Ultimate Scrolls. Ultimate Scrolls contain skills more powerful than normal combat skills that are taught through the sects, skills that can only be obtained through School Instances. 

   Unlike School Inner Skills, players can only cultivate their school’s Ultimate Scroll. Player’s steal other scripts and learn other skills from schools through different events and journeys, but the secrecy and strength behind these scrolls is so well guarded that no other school can learn these skills.

    The trial to earn one of these powerful Kung Fu scrolls is through exclusive School Instances. Only the highest strength martial artist can take on these Instances exclusive to only the members of that school. High-end items will drop for the looting and can be exchanged for the coveted Ultimate Scrolls of that school.

 These Ultimate Scrolls can turn the tide of Guild battles, School Wars, the new Mount Hua Competition, and much more. Train today for Free and prepare for the School Instances that await you. New players can purchase the exciting Retail Edition packed with bonus items and content from GameStop to aid their experiences.