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Behind the Red Curtain: Redeeming & Returning

    The Red Curtain is a new feature that lets players know they have been rewarded with a special gift. Similar to a gameshow pulling back the curtain for a grand prize or removing the top of a dish and unveiling the grand gift hidden away, the Red Curtain is a way to collect a server gift for being able to showcase skills and dish out the kung-fu.

    To collect, simply Click the icon next to your Health Bar when it appears and the corresponding event that you wish to reap the benefits of.

On May 29th, there will be two new gifts being sent out to players. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Redeem Strength

A celebration to ALL our players! Every player will be rewarded a special box, Rare treasure , for their strength in the world of Age of Wushu and the dangers it entails.


Returning Stamp

When you leave a place of fun and adventure, you get a hand-stamp so you can easily make your way back in without missing a beat. The Returning Stamp in Age of Wushu is the same thing. Players that have been away from the game since May 22nd are given a chance to hop right back into the fray and pick up where they left off in order to enjoy all the new features and bonuses in Jianghu.*

Click the Stamp behind the Red Curtain and receive a potion, the Veteran’s Return Potion. Drink the potion and begin collecting rewards for the next 7 times you log in.
1st log in: Xuelian Pill x 40(10000 Cultivation Points); Advanced Tendon-Relaxing Pill x 40(10000 Cultivation Points to the current cultivating skill); Purple Spirit Pill x 40 (10000 chi)
2nd log in: Xuelian Pill x 10 
3rd log in: Xuelian Pill x 10 
4th log in: Xuelian Pill x 10 ; Advanced Tendon-Relaxing Pill x 10 ; Purple Spirit Pill x 10
5th log in: Xuelian Pill x 10 
6th log in: Xuelian Pill x 10 
7th log in: Xuelian Pill x 10  Advanced Tendon-Relaxing Pill x 50 ; Purple Spirit Pill x 50
*ONLY Players with a top-record & have not logged in for more than 7 days prior to May 29th qualify for Returning Stamp.