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Jet Li Packs a Punch for Age of Wushu



Li Will Act as a SpokespersonandMake Appearances for Snail Games’ MMO Worldwide


SHANGHAI – Tuesday, June 4, 2012 -- International action star Jet Li has signed a two-year contract to promote Age of Wushu, a popular MMORPG with more than 10 million users in China alone. Snail Games is debuting an early version of its North American version this week at E3.


As the new face of the martial arts MMOs, Li will appear in a TV commercial and in public events endorsing the game. Age of Wushu features the martial arts styles that Jet Li mastered and used to launch his legendary career.


Li began learningWushu at the age of eight. A consecutivenational champion in China,he often competed against adults twoor three times his age.


After retiring from martial arts competitionsat age 19, Li won great acclaim as afilmactor. He starred in many critically acclaimed Chinese martial arts epics.


Li's first role in a Hollywood film was as a villain in Lethal Weapon 4(1998) with Danny Glover and Mel Gibson.  He soon advanced from martial arts filmsto Hollywood action films. 


Li stared in Unleashed (2005) with Morgan Freeman, The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) with Jackie Chan, and The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor Dragon (2008) with Brendan Fraser.


In 2010, Li starred in The Expendables(2010) with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis.  Lionsgate recently brought the same team together to filmExpendables II, adding action legendsChuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme and Liam Hemsworth.  Thefilmisnow in post productionandis slated to appearin theaters this August.


When playing Age of Wushu, MMO gamers will be able to guide their characters in the martial arts style of Wuxia fiction, able not only to execute kicks, punches, jumps, sweeps and throws but also advanced flying moves at superhuman speed. Flying skills allow them to perform such gravity-defying feats as running along the water’s surface, running vertically along walls and flying across rooftops.