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New Shop Additions 6/26!

With tonight’s Maintenance, there will be a few notable changes to the Item Shop.

First is the introduction of a new skill set, Ensnare the Soul! This Dagger skill deals Internal Damage to its target and can build stacks of more internal damage or reduce an opponent’s movement speed drastically in combination with other moves in the set. More exciting information to come tomorrow on this devastating dagger dance! Get this new skill tomorrow starting at only 99 gold.

With the new skill, we are raising the price of the Flaming Sun Skill that currently resides in the shop. This skill has left many names in its short stay with Age of Wushu, the new price is now 149 gold beginning tomorrow. For more on this set, click here!

Finally, the Wushu pet store is open. Purchase a Gift Box in the shop with a chance at either the Lightning Ferret or the Zhong Lin Ferret. These pets add a little flair to your travel and recover flying Skill Points when using “Sit and Breathe.” Find out more on these pets and their animated behavior, HERE. The ferret box offers a chance at one of these critters for 219 gold.