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Lore Fireworks Bundle’s End of Term

This weekend, light up the sky with some fireworks and light up Age of Wushu with the Lore Fireworks in our shop. Take a chance on earning some extremely rare items and skins this weekend before the celebration ends next week.

Shine like the light of the early dawn with the glowing Silver Hook Sheath or take a chance to earn a gleaming Blood Scabbard, shining red like the rocket’s glare. These bundles offer players an opportunity to free themselves from normal items with a chance at a Lore Item Card, a Scratch Card (redeemable for a random lore card), or a Qing Yuan Pill (2000 Cultivation Points).

These bundles will no longer be available in the store after 7/9. Don’t be a lame duck; take action before it’s too late.